Wordpress + Docker + Github

Working with Wordpress and Git for me has been a challenge.

Celebrating The Web We Want

I recently wrote about the work my team did on http://webwewant.

Kanban & Web Productions At Mozilla - Lessons Learned

I wrote about my team’s experience using kanban & Kanbanery here:

Symptoms That Something Is Seriously Wrong at a Startup

For most of my professional career, from 1999-2007 I worked at large corporations (Conde Nast, John Wiley & Sons) and had almost no experience with either startups or small companies.

Octopress . . .Some Thoughts

I recently switched my blog from Wordpress to Octopress. Below are some thoughts/points I collected during this process.

Setting up PhpStorm 2 with XDebug and MAMP

Getting XDebug setup and working with PhpStorm 2 is relatively painless but I thought I would add some hints I found when setting this up.

A Full Page Width Scroller For jQueryUI - wideScroller

I needed a full page width image scroller that supported “infinite scrolling” and could handle being positioned, where the 1st image is aligned to something on the page.

IDEs For Front End Development & PHP

I make my living as a front-end developer and spend the majority of my time in an IDE.

Should You Extend or Wrap jQuery UI 1.8 Widgets

As part of a recent project I was tasked with creating a set of custom jQuery UI widgets.

Communication Between jQuery UI Widgets

When writing user interfaces using jQuery I often need widgets to interact with each other.