Deploying Zend Framework With Apache ANT

I recently wrote a quick ANT script to deploy a personal Zend Framework project and thought I would share the code.

Debugging Front End Code, New Tools

Front End debugging tools have come a long way. Below are some of the tools I am using on a daily basis to debug and fine-tune my front end code.

Lectures on JavaScript History & Future

Douglas Crockford is currently giving a series of lectures on JavaScript.

Load Routes From Routes.ini Config File In Zend Application Bootstrap

I spent waaaay to many hours trying to load routes via a config file in Zend Framework 1.

Installing Node.Js On OS X 10.6

{% alert info %} Updated May 7 2010, With Version 0.

Managing CSS and JavaScript files within a Zend Framework App - A Different Approach - View Plugin

Reading this article on the Zend Framework Blog Managing CSS and JavaScript files within a Zend Framework App, speaking personally as a front-end developer I would use a different system.

Painless EOT Font Generation With FontSquirrel

So you want to use @font-face to add some fancy fonts to your site. Launched

Announcing the launch of! I will be using the blog section to share technical tips & tricks focusing on: